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welcome to my crochet journey

Hey there and welcome to Carmionel where I talk about all things crochet.

Crochet has been a passion of mine for many years. My mother used to make doilies when I was a child and taught me the basics of crochet. During the pandemic, I found myself picking up my hook again and the rest is history.

This blog is a diary of my crochet journey. I share my projects, mistakes, and everything in between. And trust me, there are plenty of mistakes. But that's the beauty of crochet, you can always frog it and start again.

And if you're looking for some awesome crochet accessories to up your game, look no further. You can find anything from hooks to stitch markers in my shop.

So come on in, grab your hook, and let's crochet!

Colorful Knitting
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